Global selling, seamless services

Global selling, seamless services

MillGens Marketplace offers some of the world’s finest products and experiences. From art, jewellery, cars, real estate and collectables to health and wellness services, it becomes a searchable global inventory of sought after items, backed by integrated services and technology. Both Marketplace and MillGens Private Sales offer incomparable services to a global clientele who want to invest in a best-ever lifestyle.

MillGens partnerships are entirely collaborative and done through an application process.

To join our partnership programme is to empower your company with cutting-edge expertise and services, access an ever-growing audience and customer base, and enjoy growth.

We offer your brand a range of tailored partnership programmes that connect you with our influential audience and not only enables brand partners to digitally reach the relevant and chosen audience but also unleashes powerful connectivity with MillGens engagement and the ability to transact with potential end-customers, causing a dramatic increase in brand awareness and eventually in sales.

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